Zola Organics was founded by Bianca A. Cooper, a college grad, master esthetician and global cryoskin trainer. She developed a passion for the industry when she was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder resulting in abnormal menstrual cycles, adult acne and weight developed. Once realizing the affects that her products were having on her body she decided to make a change. She began to notice dramatic differences in her acne and was able to have better control of her cycle all with her clean beauty solutions. Creating a blog, she started by educating her community on what was REALLY in their products and how those ingredients could effect your hormones and potentially lead to other long term complications. She began working at local spas and wellness centers where she was introduced to Cryoskin, a weight loss and skin tightening procedure. She noticed life changing differences in her waist line and her clients most stubborn areas after just a few session's. She loved the results and decided she wanted to teach other people how to preform these services. She quickly became the trainer for the DMV and now travels the world training and certifying companies on how to preform these treatments. After years in the industry Bianca decided it was time to make her dream a reality and established Zola Organic's as a spa but did not abandon her belief in educating.

Thats why here at Zola Organic's the Spa we strive to create an experience, while also teaching you how to solve your most complicated skin issues. 

Our service options range from facial, body, lashes, hair removal and weight loss procedures that are all quick, cost effective, and result oriented. Booking with Zola Organics not only ensures that you will be receiving top notch spa services, but you will enjoy the full spa experience.


Zola's Most Popular Treatments




1409 Research BLVD 

Sola Salon's Suite 21

Rockville, MD 20850

Park in the FREE lot in front or behind our suite. We are located next to the One Life fitness on the second floor inside of Sola Salon suites. Come to the fron end which is located towards the highway. If your appointment is after dusk the door will be locked select our name from the directory and you will be buzzed in. After leaving the elevator you will see a directory to your left and around the corner a map. We are straight back and to the left!



10am - 6pm


11am - 3pm



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